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County: Somerset

Cheese-maker: Tom Calver

Farm: Westcombe

Style: Hard

Milk Type: U, Cow

Age: 2 months

Made by Tom Calver at Westcombe Dairy.  The recipe was handed down to them from Chris Duckett, a third generation Caerphilly maker.  

Traditionally a Welsh cheese, Somerset farmers began making it in the early 1800s when demand exceeded supply in Wales.  Many cheddar makers decided to make this product as it is matured for around 8 weeks, rather than the year for farmhouse cheddar.  Like many of ‘the crumblies’ it is an acidic, lactic make with a crumbly interior.

When many farmers turned away from making unpasteurised Caerphilly with a natural rind, Chris Duckett’s family continued on.  He became the last traditional producer of unpasteurised farmhouse Caerphilly in the UK.  

In the late 90s Chris was not well. Production shifted to a nearby farm, Westcombe Dairy, complete with the original brining tank and 20-year old brine that adds a natural flora to the cheese.  Over time Chris taught Tom Calver to make the cheese. He has continued the Duckett’s family legacy and using Chris’s mother’s ‘make notes’ from the 1930s, reverted to her older and more traditional recipe.  Under his guidance the cheese has been re-established to its former glory.

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