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Origin: La Mancha

Producer: L Oveja Negra

Style: Hard

Milk Type: U, Ewe

Age: 6 months +

On the dry plateau of La Mancha (translates as ‘land without water’) Spain’s most famous cheese can be found.  Cheese-production in this region has been traced back to many centuries BC.   It has been a world famous cheese for many years, even being mentioned in the legendary ‘Don Quixote’.  It became officially protected (DOC) in 1984.

Manchego has become such a popular cheese worldwide that its production is increasingly industrial.

At The Fine Cheese Co., we have been on a mission to source and supply a true, artisan Manchego: one that defines the style, and is the Manchego of both our memory and our dreams.

That search is over. La Oveja Negra Manchego Curado is made by the Parra family on their organic farm, from the milk of their rare breed Oveja Negra (black sheep). Modern Manchego is invariably made from the larger white breed which provides higher yields. The hardy little black ewes may produce less milk, but the quality is superb giving the cheese a complex, sweet, nutty and herbaceous flavour. From 6 months, as the cheese is losing moisture, the interior becomes more compact and less open and springy while the flavour intensifies.

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