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Distilleries A - Z

Ledaig 2000 - Connoisseurs Choice Ledaig 12 years old - Discovery Range

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The Discovery Range

An introduction to Gordon & MacPhail’s impressive portfolio, this range is curated to offer an utterly dependable and consistent choice of their finest single malt whiskies.

Each expression sits within the bold flavour profiles of either ‘Sherry’, ‘Smoky’ or ‘Bourbon’, making these single malts the perfect match for the whisky-lover who enjoys exploration through flavour and character.

The Islands

Similarly to Speyside, the Scottish Islands are also considered part of the Highlands. Over 790 offshore islands are grouped into four distinct classifications – Shetland, Orkney, Inner Hebrides, and Outer Hebrides. Only seven distilleries are currently operational on six of the islands – not including the island Islay, a designated Scotch region on its own. For some, these island whiskies are more accessible than the distilleries themselves.

Jura, for example, has one shop, one hotel, one road, one pub, and one distillery; the only way on or off the island is across the Paps of Jura via a small car ferry from Islay.

On the nearby island of Mull lies the Tobermory Distillery, whose peated whisky bears the name of the ancient and original distillery: Ledaig.

Travelling south (east of the Campbeltown region) is the island of Arran home to the newest and eponymously named Arran Distillery, established in 1995.

Diverse not only in flavour but also in geography, the Island distilleries stretch out to the north. Highland Park, one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, is located in Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands archipelago. In fact, the distillery pips the Scapa Distillery for the title of the most northerly distillery by less than a mile. The islands represent some of our longer standing relationships as well as one of our newest. From Highland Park to Arran, explore the diverse flavours Island distilleries showcase in our whisky portfolio.

Ledaig Distillery

Rather confusingly, Ledaig (pronounced ‘Laycheck’) also goes under the name Tobermory and is to be found - unsurprisingly in the town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull.

Established in 1823, the distillery draws it water from the Ledaig Burn and this highly distinctive whisky has a true character all of its own: think smoked, barbecued meat, spicy black pepper and a vanilla sweetness.

On paper, three very disparate flavours, but Ledaig, despite its extremes is a surprisingly balanced whisky and has developed a genuine cult following amongst whisky drinkers worldwide, working exceptionally well as both a young whisky, as well as one with great age and wisdom.

Taste with water

NOSE: Peat smoke opens to reveal notes of maple cured meat, toffee, and baked apples. Seaside grasses aromas linger and finish in a gentle briny edge.

PALATE: Stewed fruits, sultanas, and currants with milk chocolate flavours combine with crème brûlée. Sweet toffee is complemented by bursts of citrus and a smouldering bonfire ember edge.

BODY: Medium

FINISH: Finish Long with nuances of peat smoke and charred oak

STYLE: Fruity

Country: Scotland

Region: Islands

Producer: Gordon and MacPhail

Range: Discovery Range

Bottling: Gordon and Macphail Bottling

Style: Single Malt Whisky

Water Source: Mishnish Loch - A private Loch

Age: Distilled 2006

Cask Type: Bourbon and Sherry

Colour: Golden

Flavour Profile: Fruity

Allergens:  not known

Bottle size: 70cl     abv:   43.0% abv

Ledaig 12 years old - Discovery Range
Cellars: £51.50