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Caol Ila 13 years old - Discovery Range 

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The Discovery Range

An introduction to Gordon & MacPhail’s impressive portfolio, this range is curated to offer an utterly dependable and consistent choice of their finest single malt whiskies.


Each expression sits within the bold flavour profiles of either ‘Sherry’, ‘Smoky’ or ‘Bourbon’, making these single malts the perfect match for the whisky-lover who enjoys exploration through flavour and character.


Islay is unique; this island, the fifth largest in Scotland, has been designated in its own right a Scotch whisky producing region. A ferry ride west of the Campbeltown region, this Inner Hebridean island boasts an impressive eight operational distilleries. Each distillery has its own character; all have the wonderful and distinctive Islay style: aromatic, peated, and smoky.

Islay is abundant with peat. Peat, partly decomposed vegetable matter, is distinctly different in each part of Scotland as it is made up of the local flora. Pre 1960s, in the days of floor maltings, local peat was used to dry the germinating barley and thus imparted a regional quality to the final whisky flavour. In Islay, this peat and its briny ocean surroundings lends a flavour that is renownedly Islay. Port Ellen Maltings, once a distillery of the same name, is a key fixture to Islay’s whisky industry, malting barley for most of the island's distilleries with the local peat.

The island’s distilleries cluster in three different areas: east, west, and south: three producers make up the Kildalton distilleries on the south shore; Bruichladdich and two others reside on the west; and, overlooking the Paps of Jura lies Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain (distinctly unusual for producing mainly a non-peated new-make spirit). All but one of Islay’s distilleries, Kilchoman the newest, were built seaside. This is testament to the importance of the ocean and the transportation links it provided. In the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early

twentieth centuries the only way for casks (and other necessities) to arrive or leave the island was by small cargo boats

Caol Ila

Pronounced 'cull-eela', (Gaelic for Sound of Jura) Caol Ila is the largest distillery on Islay and the fifth largest in Scotland. Built in a disused lead-ore quarry by Hector Henderson in 1846, the seaside location was purposely chosen for its abundance of water. Hidden away in a cove just north of Port Askaig, overlooking the water from which it takes its name, the distillery produces the main component of the Johnnie Walker blend. Highly regarded, this wonderfully smoky malt has a phenol content of 35-38 ppm (roughly equating to 20 hours under a peat fire). Its tall copper pot stills produce a light spirit that not only matures well in both Sherry and bourbon casks, but also finishes nicely in wine casks.

Finely balanced, a Caol Ila whiskies have an almost coal-dust like peat smoke without the medicinal harshness found in other Islay drams.

Tasting Note

Taste with water

NOSE: Sweet and Savoury. Dry. Cured meats glazed with luscious apricot jam combines with rich vanilla and flashes of softly swirling peat smoke compliments the sweetness.

PALATE: Bursting with juicy tropical fruit, pineapple, kiwi and banana, brushed with icing sugar.Light touches of malt and vibrant lemon peel balance the sweetness

BODY: Medium

FINISH: Long and luxurious with hints of marshmallow toasting over gently smouldering bonfire embers.

STYLE: Smoky

Country: Scotland

Region: Port Askaig - Islay

Producer: Gordon and MacPhail

Range: Discovery Range

Bottling: Gordon and Macphail Bottling

Style: Single Malt Whisky

Water Source: Loch Nam Ban – Torrabolls Loch

Age: Distilled 2005 - Bottled 2018

Cask Type: Bourbon

Colour: Golden

Flavour Profile: Smoky with Peat

Bottle size: 70cl     abv:   43.0% abv

Allergens: Not Known

Caol Ila 13 years old
Discovery Range  
Cellars: £51.50