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Potted History So Far

Original Parish of Ashby included 8 hamlets one of which was Kilwardby mentioned in the Domesday Book

We have been able to trace some of the history of La Zouch through the Title Deeds of the premises.

Commencing in 1828 they mention 3 cottages in all, with adjoining land.

During the late 19th century the area, which also included 1a Market Street (the toyshop next door), which was built in, or around 1878 housed many businesses leased to many different people.  It must have been a mini business park of the time covering many trades.

The present front dining area and bar were two separate shops but there were many more businesses being carried on in the buildings behind i.e. butchers including slaughtering, corn merchants, grocers, millers, two rooms were let to the LIBERAL CLUB. In 1903 one of the then tenants took out insurance on the premises which allowed him to sell household goods, linen, music and musical instruments, china, glass, watches, jewellery, clothing books and even wines and spirits so the property has been involved in the sale of ‘the fruits of the vine’ since 1903 although probably not to the extent as it is now.

The property was at one time known as TRINITY HOUSE 29 Kilwardby Street. The numbering of the property was changed in 1972 to Number 2.

An Indenture of 1858 tells us of the sale by public auction of the property held at The Shoulder of Mutton Inn, next door but one, and the purchase price was £730.

In July 1902 house and shop only was let to William Woodward who agreed to put in a new window on the left side of the front entrance to correspond with one on the right.  The present owners who had great difficulty in finding photographs of the original shop front replaced these windows with the ones you see today.

In 1907 property known as 1a Market Street was sold to Josiah Ison.

The driveway between the two premises allowed occupants to move animals and vehicles and a charge of 10/- (50p) per annum has since been charged for the upkeep thereof.

It would appear to have been a grocery shop for many years until 1967 when the business changed and was run as a café/restaurant by Michael Lingard who was originally a tenant but purchased the property with his wife in 1973.Whilst a tenant Mr. Lingard was given 18 months to improve and modernize the property by putting in a bathroom and electricity to second floor and attics.

In 1972 it was licensed to sell drink with food and they had musical evenings down the cellar, not the most comfortable of places.

The property was sold to a Mr. And Mrs. Haas in 1972 that then sold to the present owners Geoff and Lynne Utting.

The property was Grade II listed in 1977 being of special architectural or historic interest.

The present owners Geoff and Lynne Utting purchased the property in March 1982 and after extensive renovation re- opened the restaurant in August of that year.  The retail shop opened in the summer of 1994.

Summer of 2016 saw another refit by Geoff and Lynne giving us ‘La Zouch The Next Generation’. This saw the Showroom being moved downstairs onto the ground floor, a kitchen refit and new menus giving a totally different feel to La Zouch with more emphasis on the bar and retail wine and spirits, plus a cold counter for our deli section which is also used in the restaurant.

A redesign in the garden has given us more space for seating where you can enjoy a drink or snack from our new menus, which can be seen on our web site  A tranquil place away from traffic fumes and noisy street scene.

Picture Circa late 1950

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