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Churchill Tawny  Port 10 Year Old Churchill Tawny  Port 20 Year Old Churchill Dry White Port Churchill Reserve Port Non Vintage Churchill Late Bottled Vintage Port Churchill Crusted  Port Churchill Quinta da Gricha Churchill 1997 Vintage Port How to drink Churchill Port

Port is a fabulous drink on its own or with certain food either as a mid–morning reviver, an apéritif, a dessert alternative or as the delicious  digestif.

After an early morning start, a glass of Churchill's VC Reserve Port with a slice of fruit cake for elevenses is a great invigorator.

Before lunch or dinner a chilled glass of Churchill's 10 year old Dry Apéritif White Port is the perfect to whet your appetite.

If you are missing out dessert, try instead a glass of slightly chilled Churchill's 10 year old Tawny; otherwise relax afterwards with a warming glass of our Traditional Late Bottled Vintage Port. Of course, if you are with family or friends savour the pleasure of sharing a decanter of Churchill's Crusted Port or one of our older Churchill Vintage Ports.

There is nothing like a warming glass of good Port after the roast on a rainy Sunday afternoon or after dinner on a cold winter's evening. It is amazing what contentment it brings!

Port can also be an excellent accompaniment for food. Being a fortified wine it is best served with certain appetizers or desserts.

Some of our favourite food combinations for our Ports:-

White Port Dry Apéritif

Sushi - Fusian or Panasian appetizers - Clam chowder - Fish cakes - Potted shrimps - Smoked salmon - Spicy prawns - Warm chèvre - Foie gras - Duck or chicken liver paté - Salted almonds - Cheese biscuits

10 Year Old Tawny Port

Crême brulée- Mince pies - Pecan pie - Compôte of cherries - Almond tart - Vanilla ice cream - Apple tart - Hard cheeses such as Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Red Leicester, Spanish Manchego and Portuguese Ilhas.

Vintage Character Reserve Port & Finest Vintage Character Port

Fruit cake (mid morning) - Chocolate truffles - Soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert.

Traditional Late Bottled Vintage Port & Crusted Port

Roasted chestnuts - Stilton cheese or Portuguese Serra cheese.

Vintage Port

Walnuts – Otherwise best enjoyed on its own.

How to drink Churchill Port