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ntn Beldoux Chocolate Cream Liqueur.pdf

If you're going to make a liqueur, it's probably a good idea to make one that will have a wide appeal to adults of all ages and tastes, and one of the most universally loved flavours around the world is, of course, chocolate.

Once you've decided to make a chocolate liqueur, the next thought should be 'Where should I go to get the best chocolate in the world?', and the natural answer to that one is Belgium. Famous as the country that takes the art of chocolate making to a completely different level, where they combine bespoke cocoa rich liquor with natural dairy cream to produce a truly outstanding liqueur.

The same great spirit is added that is used in their gins and brings it all together as Beldoux cream liqueur. As with all of the other drinks in the Belgin range, there are absolutely no added sugars, sweeteners, colourants or thickeners added, so you can be certain that the taste sensation is completely natural.

NOSE: Delicate chocolate with a pronounced flavour of fresh cream

PALATE: Crisp and dry

FINISH: Clean and short finish.


Pour this over ice for a wonderfully indulgent drink to sit and relax with, or pour it over a high quality vanilla ice-cream to bring a touch of grown-up luxury to a dessert.

Country:  Belgium

Region: Houthalen - Helchteren

Producer: Distillery Massy

Style: Liqueur

Allergens: Not known

Bottle size: 50cl

abv:   15.0% abv

Belfleur Belgian Chocolate Liqueur
Cellars: £21.50