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Hamish Honey


Region: Auvergne

Style: Semi hard

Milk type: Unpasteurised Cow

Our Saint Nectaire comes from the ripening rooms of affineur Xavier Morin. Xavier is more than French, he is from Cantal. He is a passionate advocate of the cheeses from Cantal and the Auvergne, where some of France’s oldest and most famous cheeses are produced.

Xavier works in complete partnership with each individual cheese maker. He knows their animals, their challenges and the cheese making process inside out. We are fortunate indeed to be one of Xavier’s special customers.

Our Saint Nectaire is made from the milk of the now rare breed of Salers cow native to the Auvergne region of France. The Salers are robust and even-tempered animals but they will only yield milk when their calves are nearby. This means that it takes two herdsmen to milk the cows, one to actually milk the cow and the other to keep the calf nearby. Most cheese makers consequently have moved over to breeds that are easier to farm and more suitable for mass production. The Morins however are committed to continuing the Salers breed and remaining true to the tradition of their native region. Although the yield is very low, less than half than that of a Holstein, the quality of the milk is exceptional.  Underneath the silky grey rind of the Saint Nectaire is a supple and creamy paste that has a gloriously ‘earthy’ flavour.