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Aged for three years, Asbach Original acquires its unique and distinctive taste through traditional distillation, careful storage for at least three years in Limousin oak casks and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process.

The Asbach history goes back to the year 1892, when company founder Hugo Asbach left his adopted home country of France and made his dream of an own company come true, in Rüdesheim am Rhein. He had previously acquired a high degree of know-how of distilling wines from renowned French distillers, and he made use of this knowledge to achieve an ambitious goal - to create a product equal to French cognacs while at the same time catering to German tastes.

Ten years later, he created the new term "Weinbrand" for his brandies, to be used parallel to the term "Cognac" generally used in those times. A farsighted decision in fact, for when German producers were prohibited from using the term Cognac after 1919, the name Weinbrand had already been well-established on the market. In 1923, the term was also adopted to the German laws on wine.

A German Brandy blended from 25 different wine distillations, aged for up to 3 years in limousin oak casks.

The work does not stop with the selection of the right wines; the distillation process also has a decisive impact on the quality of Asbach. There is more to the distillation process than simply separating water and alcohol; the objective is to transfer the delicate aromatic substances of the wine as completely as possible into the distillate.

The wines are carefully distilled on yeast in copper stills. The procedure involves a traditional process of two stages - raw spirit and fine spirit - that is both very time-consuming and highly labour-intensive.

The raw spirit has an alcohol content of about 40% volume and is the result of the first distillation stage. During the second distillation, one that is significantly more complex than the first, the aim is to obtain the actual fine spirit of about 75% volume, also known as the heart, that has the best characteristics for its later conversion into Asbach.

When the distillation process has been completed, the fresh wine distillates are transported to Ottersweier at the foot of the Black Forest. This is the site of the Asbach maturing cellar, unique among its kind and in its size, as well as the Asbach Treasure Trove.

The duration of the maturing process is the next step that is decisive for the high quality of the Asbach brandies. At Asbach, they leave the distillates in the small Limousin oak casks far longer than required by law until they have reached their full maturity and developed their characteristic bouquet


The maturing process takes place in small oak casks made of wood from the Limousin oak that has been aged for a number of years. This wood has especially large pores and is air-permeable so that the fine spirit can breathe and mature in an exchange process with air.

“The fine spirit draws the natural aroma and colour substances from the cask, and this is where the liquid, originally clear, gains its topaz colouring and subtle, harmonious wooden accents.

The part of the distillate that escapes, on the other hand, is lost; it fills the air in our cellars with an aromatic fragrance, which has led us to call it the angels’ share.”

The distillates, even of one type, never mature perfectly evenly within the distillate cellar because the wine distillate and the wood are both natural products that react differently from one cask to the next. The various distillates do not reach their full maturity and perfect harmony until the second maturing process in large vats made of Spessart oak.

Ultimately, however, it is the art of the master distiller that creates the masterpiece from various distillates of different origins and vintages.

The secret Asbach maturing and finishing process brings the complex production process to a close and gives Asbach its radiant topaz hue, harmoniously blended with the full aroma of wine and its characteristic bouquet.

Tasting Notes

A deep golden colour, cognac character but fruitier Grape and oak aroma. Clean, crisp with a strong flavour.

Country:  Germany

Region: Rudesheim am Rhein

Producer: Asbach Distillers

Bottling: Distillery Bottling

Style: Blended Brandy

Owner: Asbach Distillers

Status: Operational

Age: 3 years

Cask Type: 100% Limousin Oak Cask

Colour: Deep Golden

Flavour Profile: Fruity - Grape and oak aroma.

Allergens: Not Known

Bottle size: 70cl         abv:   38.0% abv

Asbach Uralt Brandy
Cellars: £34.50